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About AAIS Learning Courses

Since its inception in 1936, AAIS has built a reputation for product innovation, quality advisory solutions, and top-shelf service. We are proud of our longstanding commitment to our Members…and to the insurance industry.

Through this unwavering commitment, we are uniquely positioned to provide expert insights and learnings on topics across the insurance landscape. Our goal in providing these AAIS Learning courses is to give members and the industry the institutional knowledge that they’ve come to expect, while increasing the understanding among carriers, regulators, and key industry stakeholders on some of the latest developments impacting the insurance landscape.

New tools such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and blockchain have been introduced and while the number of carriers and regulators who understand the possibilities is growing, more education across the industry is necessary in order to gain the momentum needed to sustain ongoing development of these tools.

This is the role AAIS plays within insurance. As a not-for-profit advisory organization, our self-paced AAIS Learning courses will provide the necessary background and knowledge to enable the industry to advance and evolve, all the while delivering value to Members in a more efficient, and effective manner.

Why AAIS Learning

Prepare for the Future of Insurance


AAIS continues to be industry-leading, investing in a modern infrastructure that leverages the latest technologies and processes to improve its ability to deliver value to Members.

In order for the adoption and evolution of these tools, the marketplace must be able to have an acute understanding of the direction the industry is going.

This includes the latest produce enhancements, technology developments, legal findings, and other news relevant to the industry.

AAIS Learning will develop a series of courses that are tailored for anyone across the insurance landscape looking to stay up-to-date, educated and with a thirst for knowledge.

The industry is more complicated than ever. AAIS Learning will provide invaluable information for you to gain a baseline understanding of what you don’t know, further educate yourself on topics you may already be aware of, and be more well-positioned to take the industry to new heights.

It is in our DNA to provide the insights and expertise to lead to the growth and evolution of insurance. Through AAIS Learning, we will be charting that course.

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